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Pam's Puppies
Purchase Process

When. you have chosen a new puppy!  Secure the puppy with your payment in full or a deposit

We do require a $200. Depoist to secure a puppy for you.

      Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. Unless there is a health issue with the puppy found after the deposit has been made.
 your balance is due the week before your new puppy comes home.If your new puppy is over 8 weeks old, we require payment in full.
Please remember to include the name of your puppy when paying your deposit.

Payments are accepted in the form of: ​

    Cash if the puppy is picked up . United States postal money orders , Wal-Mart money orders or a personal check.
( We will hold the puppy until the check clears) 
However, if you mail a deposit we must approve holding the puppy for it to arrive.
Paypal if a customer wants to pay with a debit card, credit card or electronically. We do add a 3.5% service charge to cover paypal fee's.
If you are gong to use paypal , we can send you an invoice ,and it will have a link or button to pay on it. Or you can go to paypal's website and pay from there . You do not hve to have a paypal account to use it.

   Once a deposit is placed, I will email you the guarantee for your puppy along with a receipt for your payment.
 These must be signed and either mailed or emailed back to me before your puppy ships. Your puppy will not leave until I receive them. 
 You can rest assured that the puppy you place on hold with us is the puppy you will receive.

  Shipping costs are the buyer’s responsibility

  Flying Your Puppy Home​

    Each puppy will be taken to the vet by us to get his/her health exam. 
A health certificate is required for travel and a copy of the health certificate will be sent to you with the airlines as this is a law for interstate travel of any puppy.
   Our puppies are flown home to their new families on American Airlines and with Delta's Pet Safe program.   we use a  shipping company called Ozark Mountain Pet Transport and Tony and his gang are in charge of booking the flights and making sure each puppy makes it to the right airlines. They do a wonderful job and stay with the puppies until the airline attendants take them to get on their flight .

   We will send your information over to Tony as soon as we receive your payment and he will put his crew to work getting us a flight. We receive the flight info and we pass it along to you. Sometimes we don't get the confirmation until a few days prior to flying but rest assured that as soon as we have it we will call/email it to you. We give you the flight times, airway bill number to track the puppy's flight plan, name of person picking up and a toll free phone number for directions about where at your airport to pick him/her up at.  

  On the day your new puppy  comes home you will take your ID to the airport and your new puppy will be waiting for you to arrive. The travel crate, medical paperwork including healthy puppy medical exam cert. & vaccination records, Health Guarantee are all attached to the crate. If your puppy is registered, the paperwork will either be included in your packet or mailed by US mail at a later date.

  After all payments have been made, the puppy will be shipped on the Friday on or after his/her ready date depending if we feel that the puppy is ready to make the trip to his/her new home. We have the right to hold a puppy for longer than estimated delivery date if we feel the puppy is not ready to go and cancellation of purchase will not be accepted. We always put the puppies needs first. We ship by major airline only on Friday's. This date cannot be changed so please make arrangements to pick up your puppy at the airport. Your puppy will travel to the airport in a climate controlled vehicle the day before he or she is shipped (Thursday), where they are watched & cared for the entire time by the transport staff that are trained in proper puppy care. Your puppy is then flown to you the next day (Friday) & are only on the airplane a few hours. 

   Your puppy will arrive in cargo at the airport. Be sure to take a form of ID with you when picking up your puppy. Also, shipping can be delayed for any reason because of temperatures, weather conditions, etc. Delta does have temperature controlled cargo, so we rarely have to cancel shipments during the winter or summer, but it could happen. If this happens, your puppy will be shipped the following Friday or when the weather is good enough to safely ship. Please understand that your puppy is in the best of hands and will be treated as their own pet and will be delivered safe and sound to you. 

List of things that need to be taken to the airport to pick up your new puppy: 
Bottle of Water 
Form of ID (driver's license, etc.) 
If you live a long way from the airport bring a pouch of soft Pedigree Little Champions Puppy Food with you to feed your puppy (photo below). We do book your flight to the closest major airport to you.
 Nutri-Cal ,It is a high calorie dietary supplement to use if your puppy gets finicky with his or her food & can be found at most pet stores.

.. Your puppy is transported in an airline approved carrier equipped with food & water with dishes clipped on the front so your puppy can't spill them during travel. Your puppy will have plenty of shredded paper for bedding so your puppy stays clean, warm & dry. He or she also has food & water at all times. At this time, we cannot ship blankets or toys in the crate with the puppies due to airline regulations. : 


We would like a phone call or email to know that your puppy is home with you so that we know  the puppy has arrived safely. 
Pictures with you and your new puppy would be WONDERFUL!!  
Shipping is $275.00
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